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George Sanders, age 70, USA

“A few years ago I was faced with two disappointments. First, I started losing my hair in the front and second, I was faced with dating again. I didn’t want to start meeting women with a partly bald head so I spent the next year and a half trying different products. None of them worked for me. Then I found REJUVEN Regrowth Treatment and it has been a year now; no more hair loss. My barber keeps commenting on how much thicker my hair is. No one can believe I am 70. My great head of hair makes me look 10 years younger.”



Peter Sanders, age 27, USA

“My father, George Sanders, suggested that I try REJUVEN Regrowth Treatment since my hair had just started to thin at the crown of my head. He thought that since he was getting such good results from REJUVEN that I should give it a try. Within six months my hair loss stopped and the thinning area filled back in and now I use it only once a week for maintenance.”




John Newman, age 54, USA

“I have always been skeptical about hair products, and especially leery of the use of chemicals to stimulate hair growth. I was very surprised, after about 5 weeks of using REJUVEN, I started seeing a difference. Now, 4 months later, the new growth is becoming thicker. I recommend this product to anyone with hair loss.”




Janet Valley, age 62, USA

“Two years ago my hair was becoming thin and wispy. I had two choices: keep losing my hair or do something about it. A friend who had had great results with the product suggested that I try REJUVEN Regrowth Treatment. I’m so grateful she did. The results have been quite dramatic.”



Alexandra Christensen, age 21, USA

“I am amazed by the REJUVEN HR product line. I have been using the Treatment for several months now and I can’t believe how quickly it has stopped my hair loss. It not only feels healthier, but it is thicker and back to “normal”. Thanks for making such a great product available.”




Nate Belowski, age 47, USA

“I’ve been using REJUVEN Regrowth Treatment for 5 months and my hair is really filling in.”


Seth Goldsmith, age 52, Canada

“I am so happy that I now have a natural solution to handle my thinning hair problem.”


S. Davern, age 53, USA

“I would like to tell you how much I like your product. I am 53 years old and have spent many many years trying any and all products that claim to help fine hair. I started using the REJUVEN topical treatment and shampoo 2 months ago and love them. They do all they claim and more. I tell everyone about your product. Thank you.”



Beth Johnston, age 43, USA

“I just wanted to let you know that I just placed my third order of REJUVEN because I am so pleased with the results that REJUVEN has given me! My hair looks thicker and feels stronger and healthier. I don’t get nearly the split ends I used to and when I brush my hair it doesn’t seem to be as fragile. Most importantly, the spots where you could almost see my scalp have filled in.”




C. Neville, age 45, South Africa

“This is my second order of REJUVEN Regrowth Treatment. Over the last six months my wife and I have both noticed the difference in my hair. It is thicker and is filling out the bald spots.”


Ashley Forsythe, age 26, USA

“I do a lot of modeling and I noticed that along my hair line it started thinning dramatically. Not a real bonus for getting modeling jobs. When I thought about buying a hair product for my problem I wanted something natural. My hair deals with enough chemicals from hair sprays and perms as it is. REJUVEN HR caught my eye since it is 100% natural. I have been using the product for 7 months now and my hair is much thicker and fuller. The thinning areas have totally disappeared. I don’t have to be embarrassed and try to hide my thinning spots any more! I have to minimize every flaw I can in my line of work! I really appreciate what REJUVEN has done for me.”



Jane Allen, age 36, USA

“Every time I look in the mirror I just love the results I am getting. My hair is back to normal.”



Daniel Lowe, age 42, Scotland

“I wasn’t sure REJUVEN Regrowth Treatment was doing anything until I went to my barber and he was amazed at the hair he saw starting to grow at the top of my scalp.”



Duke DuRell, age 58, USA

“I’m at the six month mark next week and I have hair growing in where it used to be falling out. People I work with have asked me what I am doing to myself because I look different, I say nothing, but that tells me that something is happening because it’s beginning to get noticed. You certainly have a satisfied customer.”



David Lewis, age 51, USA

“Since I started using REJUVEN last month, 99% of my hair loss has stopped. With just this result I am completely satisfied. If I grow hair in the coming months,I will consider that an added benefit.”



Erik Larson, age 37, USA

“I was terrified to think that I was losing my hair. That was just six months ago. Now, I have hair starting to grow where I was losing hair. My hair feels thicker and stronger. I couldn’t be more pleased with this product.



Peter Keyes, age 28, United Kingdom

“I am experiencing regrowth of hair in front and back of my head...very happy with treatment.”














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