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Prevent Hair Loss and Promote Hair Regrowth the Natural Way!


Hair Loss Prevention, and Hair Regrowth & Retention!





1. The Problem: High DHT Levels.

Testosterone bi-product causes male pattern baldness.

OUR SOLUTION: The bad body hormone DHT (a testosterone bi-product) is the main         cause of thinning hair and hair loss. We utilize Saw Palmetto and Nettles extracts which decrease DHT levels. Untreated, DHT binds to genetically susceptible hairs, and (in simple terms) suffocates the follicle causing it to grow thinner and thinner until scar tissue replaces it. REJUVEN Regrowth Treatment  reverses the effects of DHT for men and women in the early and middle stages of hair loss, allowing hair to regrow naturally, and without any side effects.


















































3. The Problem: Clogged Follicles.

Dead cells, sebum oil, and hair care product residue solidify, causing clogged follicles.

OUR SOLUTION: Scalp oil, skin cells, and hair-care product residue solidify into deposits that clog the scalp and prevent any growth of new hair. Bacteria will thrive on such deposits and further damage the scalp's health as well as ability to produce healthy follicles. This significantly contributes to balding. The cleansing ingredients in REJUVEN Revitalizing Shampoo are chosen for their exfoliating & antibacterial capacities. Our extracts remove damaging scalp deposits, and dissolve dead skin cells, sebum and shampoo residues that can contribute to premature hair loss - without the use of sulfates. Once the scalp has been cleansed properly, you can experience the maximum benefits from using REJUVEN Regrowth Treatment.

2. The Problem: Low Circulation.

Studies show circulation of blood in the scalp of balding people can be 2.6 times lower than for people with healthy hair. 

OUR SOLUTIONREJUVEN Regrowth Treatment uses Capsicum and Rosemary extracts to increase the circulation to the scalp. Studies indicate that balding individuals have reduced blood flow from capillaries that supply the follicle bulb with nutrients and oxygen. Our all-natural ingredients help to dilate the capillaries to ensure that once DHT levels have been reduced, the follicle will have sufficient blood flow to begin regrowth. Our proprietary formula is especially potent in its ability to stimulate cell division, thereby encouraging new and accelerated hair growth and reactivating dormant hair follicles.

4. The Problem: Nutrient Deficient Follicles.

OUR SOLUTIONREJUVEN HR ensures that your follicles receive specific nutrients required for accelerated hair regrowth. Equisetum provides amino acids, silica, and phytosterols while Aloe Vera provides the building blocks for complex proteins, and therefore hair growth. With properly nourished follicles that are no longer susceptible to the damaging effects of DHT, regrowth may begin. Our state-of-the-art herbal refining process allows for the fast and complete absorption of the herbal ingredients.

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