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Within two months of using REJUVEN™ Regrowth Treatment, your existing hair will become thicker and stronger, and excessive hair loss will be significantly reduced. For many, this alone is a huge success, especially if the individual is in the initial or intermediate stage of hair loss and balding. New hair growth will begin appearing within 6 months of use, and then within 6-12 months you'll experience the maximum benefit in terms of hair regrowth. Because hair regrowth is achieved naturally through our herbal-based formula, once you achieve the results that you want, you won't lose the hair that you've gained. Some customers choose, however, to continue on a maintenance program of one application per week. When our customers use REJUVEN™ Regrowth Treatment for at least 6 months, 90% will see real hair regrowth*.



*Individual results may vary.












REJUVEN Guarantee


We are so confident in the quality and effectiveness of REJUVEN™ Regrowth Treatment that we offer a 6 month money-back guarantee. If you're not satisfied with the results after using  REJUVEN™ Regrowth Treatment for six months (4 bottles), we will refund your money, less shipping and handling charge. 


Here's how you qualify for a refund:


1) Order a 6 month supply, or a minimum of 4 bottles of REJUVEN Regrowth Treatment.

2) Use the product daily for a full 6 months.

3) You do not experience any one of the following benefits:
*reversal or slowing down of hair loss
*the thickening and strengthening of existing hair
*hair regrowth

4) If you don't experience any of the benefits mentioned above then please mail back the used and unused bottles no later than 180 days (6 months) from the delivery date, so that we receive the bottles within 195 days of the delivery date. Shipping and handling are not refundable.

5) Your money is refunded (minus the cost of shipping, and 20% restocking fee).
6) Guarantee is valid for one purchase per household.



“I am amazed by the REJUVEN HR product line. I have been using the Treatment for several months now and I can’t believe how quickly it has stopped my hair loss. It not only feels healthier, but it is thicker and back to “normal”. Thanks for making such a great product available.”


                                       - Alexandra Christensen, USA



"I am so happy that I now have a natural solution to handle my thinning hair problem."


                               Seth Goldsmith, Canada



“I am experiencing regrowth of hair in front and back of my head...very happy with treatment.”

                               - Peter Keyes, United Kingdom











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