REJUVEN Revitalizing Shampoo (8 oz)

REJUVEN Revitalizing Shampoo (8 oz)

REJUVEN™ Revitalizing Shampoo has been formulated to increase the effectiveness of our premier hair loss treatment, REJUVEN™ Hair Rejuvenator. Unlike drugstore shampoos with sulfates that can exacerbate hair loss, REJUVEN™ Revitalizing Shampoo cleans your hair and scalp the natural way: with pure herbal extracts. And our shampoo will not clog your hair follicles with gelatin-based thickeners. Instead, essential oils and phyto-revitalizers will dramatically increase hair retention and manageability for all types of hair. For example, we use jojoba oil in our shampoo which rapidly penetrates down to the scalp and hair shaft, and readily loosens and dissolves the hardened build-up of sebum. The scalp and hair shaft are then left clean to provide the ideal conditions for the maximum effectiveness of the REJUVEN™ Hair Rejuvenator.  (8oz / 237ml)

Please note: By itself, REJUVEN™ Revitalizing Shampoo will not reverse hair loss or promote hair regrowth. If you want to prevent hair loss and promote new hair growth, you will need to use REJUVEN™ Hair Rejuvenator.

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“I am amazed by the REJUVEN HR product line. I have been using the Treatment for several months now and I can’t believe how quickly it has stopped my hair loss. It not only feels healthier, but it is thicker and back to “normal”. Thanks for making such a great product available.”


                                       - Alexandra Christensen, USA



"I am so happy that I now have a natural solution to handle my thinning hair problem."


                               Seth Goldsmith, Canada



“I am experiencing regrowth of hair in front and back of my head...very happy with treatment.”

                               - Peter Keyes, United Kingdom











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